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Television / Film / Video Production

Director - Writer - Editor - Visual Effects Artist - Production Designer - Set Design & Construction - Prop Design & Construction - Commercials - Music Videos - FigRig Operator

  • Child's Play.  Writer, director, editor, special effects.                                                            
  • Sweet Dreams & Bed Bugs.  Writer, director, editor, special effects.
  • A Noble Deed.  Writer, director, editor, special effects.
  • The Old Coat.  Halcyon Productions.  Special Effects, Editor.
  • Flight of the Tigaris.  John Gilbert Productions.  Built a model spacecraft, Special Effects.
  • VolcanoFox 2000.  Built 200 flamethrowers.
  • Fink.  Hartman Productions. Aubrey Hartman, Director.  Created more than 37 special effects for this 40-minute independent feature film.
  • Bread Alone.  Heat & Light Productions.  Built Soviet rifles, Ukrainian bibles and crosses, props.         
  • Ghost Writer.  Producer, set designer, location scout.
  • Monty and the Runaway Furnace. Props, actor. 
  • Wishart Law Firm.  Commercial.  Camera operator, editor.
  • What About Biz. Lighthouse Venture Group Productions.  Camera operator, editor for this TV program.
  • Teak & Textile.  Commercial.  Writer, Director, Editor, Visual Effects, Music Editor.
  • Asset Management.  Commercial.  Camera Operator, Editor, Visual Effects.
  • Benchmark Ventures Inc.  Commercial.  Camera Operator, Editor, Visual Effects.
  • Villa Romana Trattoria.  Commercial.  Camera Operator, Editor, Visual Effects, Music Editor.
  • South County Eye Care.  Commercial.  Camera Operator, Editor, Visual Effects.
  • Mike Naso.  Commercial.  Camera Operator, Editor.
  • Crockett Productions, David Zucker - Director.  Set decorator and props for “Taxman” and Basketball Diplomacy PSAs.
  • Universal Studios/CBS Television.  Built a 1/10 scale model house for Judgement Day: The John List Story.
  • Pepsi Corporation.  Two commercials.  Writer, Director, Editor, Visual Effects, Music Editor.
  • USC.  Titles for a conference.  Animator.
  • Gartner.  Heat & Light Productions.  Editor on a seminar conference.
  • McAffee.  Heat & Light Productions.  Built a sandbox cage.
  • City of Orange.  Halloween video.
  • Oxnard Police.  3D animator for a logo.
  • Kaempen Industries.  Industrial.
  • Ice Link.  Industrial.
  • Plane Pocket Enterprises.  Industrial.
  • Crystal Cathedral.  Interviews, Music Videos.
  • Orange County Master Chorale.  Concert videos.
  • Chance Theater.  "HMS Pinafore" and "Pirates of Penzance" stage production videos.
  • Ali Omar.  Ten music videos.  Two concert videos.
  • Mandie Pinto. "Let The Father Be Your Wings".  Background video.
  • The Local Sqeeze.  Smokey Robinson Interview.  Camera operator, editor.
  • Diversity Awards.  Four years.  Camera operator, editor.
Fabrication and Construction
  • Stage Light & Magic.  Built cannons & mortars for outdoor concerts, Phantom of the Opera, Glory of Easter, Glory of Christmas, and Disneyland fireworks.
  • Robotech.  Designed, built, and modified several audio-animatronic robots for the Ghostbuster attraction at Universal Studios, Florida.
  • Eric Vogelvang Enterprises.  Built a steadicam, an 8’ windmill, a Victorian carport, a water tower, a waterfall, and a studio.
  • Lighthouse Venture Group.  Built a 6’ lighthouse.
  • Larry Roberts Special Effects.  Built squib pads, window breakers, explosive release hooks.
  • Paramount Studios.  "Star Trek 5".  Built cave walls. 
  • Twentieth Century Fox. Flamethrowers for "Volcano".

E.V.ENT's flame throwers on the set of "Volcano"
Courtesy Fox 2000

Styrofoam wedding arches
                    Russian rifles made for "Bread Alone"
                                       Rifle in action
                             Ukrainian crosses


                           T-1000 costume
Armored sandbox

                         Sandbox in a web commercial

The evil embryo - "Sweet Dreams & Bed Bugs"
          Jungle set - "Indy Connor Jones"
                          A wooden transit
                Assorted props and models in the archives
                    Lava set - "Sweet Dreams & Bed Bugs"
                 Model lighthouse
                           Real  List house
                        Model List house
                 Model house - "Sweet Dreams & Bed Bugs"
The real and model house
               Model windmill


                          Prince Ali music video shoot

           "What About Biz?" set


                 Teak & Textile commercial

E.V. ENT's props and set decoration are featured in David Zucker's Taxman ads...

E.V. ENT's props and set decoration are also featured in David Zucker's Basketball Diplomacy ads...

YouTube Video

All Images Copyright 2011 Eric Vogelvang Enterprises