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Special / Visual Effects

Model Design & Construction - 2D & 3D Animation - Blue / Green Screen Compositing

Expert in computer visual effects and graphic design using MacIntosh, Lightwave, Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects.

  • Film: Fink, Hartman Productions. Aubrey Hartman, Director.  Created more than 37 special effects for this 40-minute independent feature film.
  • Video: City of Orange Halloween Video, Kaempen Industries, Icelink Inc., Plane Pocket Enterprises.  Shot, edited, and created visual effects for clients’ TV shows, commercials, and full-length videos on time and under budget.


              "Raiders of the Lost Teak" location - before

               "Raiders of the Lost Teak" location - after

                                Blue screen shot

                         Composited blue screen shot

                          Another composited shot

                      City of Orange halloween location

                                    Halloween shot

                      Every element computer generated

                           "Fink" - Cemetary - before

                                    Cemetary - after

             "Fink" - Cow sacrifice & candles composite

                      "Fink" - Interior Cheetos bag shot

      Prince Ali music video - Fireplace & candles composite

                               Andrea Doria commercial

                            Benchmark commercial

                        Oxnard Police 3D model badge


Teak & Textile FX


Fire FX


Indy FX


Michael Morph

Birthday invitation video.

YouTube Video

The Reviews Are In!!!  June 2, 2008

"OUT OF THIS WORLD SENSATIONAL.....I think Steven Spielberg better watch his back."

"Wow, Eric!  Your talent knows no boundaries.  I am truly amazed at your work.  BRAVO!!"

"OMG Eric this was so cool... You did an amazing job... My boyfriend and I really liked it. It was exactly like you said. :) I am sure he had a great time doing it. At least it looked that way :)"

"Good Job!  I especially like young Indy."

"This is soo cool!"

"Nice video, I hope Connor had a great party (probably hard to top with this video)."

"That was a fantastic concept and production !! You are very talented and a great marketing  angle as well."

"Very good Eric!"

"Nice music and good acting and filming"


"That is soooo cool!"

"Great job Eric ! I wish I had 1% of your talent and imagination!"

"Eric this is really amazing. How stoked was Connor to have this kind of an invite to his party?!"

"OUTSTANDING!!  Very cool-and how fun for your nephew.  It'll be his best birthday ever-unless you can come up with something even better for next year!"

"That is awesome!"

"Nice Movie!!!  Now that's an invitation that wont be "one-upped" for sometime!!!"



All Images Copyright 2011 Eric Vogelvang Enterprises