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About the Director

The History of the Legend, in his own words...

I suppose I was always destined to be a filmmaker since childhood: I was staging plays, building theme parks for the local kids, building toys for me and my siblings.  But my destiny was decided in June 1975 when I stood in line to watch this movie that everyone was talking about - "JAWS". When I came out of the theater, it was like being reborn. I knew then what I wanted to do, and I have never looked back. - Eric Vogelvang 


               Sci-Fi desert shoot

                     "The Soldier"

                          "Child's Play"

"Sweet Dreams & Bed Bugs" - Premiere
                Teak & Textile commercial
                "Raiders of the Lost Teak"

       Prince Ali music video shoot

                     Diversity Awards
                    "Indy Connor Jones"

      Kid Singers Concert - Angel Stadium

  • Certificate Program, Lightwave 3D Animation, Platt College, 2004
  • Master’s Program, Film Direction, Blue-Screening, CGI Effects, American Film Institute, Los Angeles 1996.
  • Certificate Program, After Effects, Premiere, UCLA, 1995.
  • BA Radio/Television/Film, CSU Long Beach, 1986.
Starcruiser Herculon - Canyon Film Festival, 1979
Star Wars Trench battle - Animated - Canyon Film Festival, 1980

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